Welcome to the Recreation Park Laumas!


Over the years, lured by the fairy magic, we have nurtured and created this beautiful, green nook of nature in Kurzeme near Talsi – the Recreation Park Laumas.
Bees buzzing in apple blossom. Stork walking in the morning fog. Enchanting smell of butterfly-orchids. Dragonflies dancing on a pink waterlily flower…


Exciting and marvelous secrets of nature. Active, creative, fun and healthy recreation - that all awaits you here!


The Bees Path - slip into the role of a live bee; explore the skills of an ancient beekeeper and get to know the life of a real life bee colony.

The Birds Path - visit Albert the pterodactyl; discover the world of our winged friends - from the beginning of their origin to the present day.

The Plants Path - admire all the decorative plants and countryside scenery; take in the splendor of colorful waterlilies.

The Forest Path - listen to the sound of forest; get to know forest plants, trees and creatures.


After a relaxing exploring of nature, fairies welcome you to some activities…

The Sports Path - challenge yourself to the obstacle course and test your sense of balance, strength and agility.

Enjoy an exciting game of Disc Golf! Great kind of active recreation for family, friends or colleagues. The main equipment is flying disc and target basket. And this fun game can be played by anyone - from childhood to old age.


If you want to stay here longer, fairy realm offers various kinds of accommodation and leisure.

The Guest House Laumas also called the Kingdom of Fairies - wonderful place for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and many other kinds of gatherings. And fairies even can take care of delicious feast.

The Summer Cafe offers freshly baked pancakes and other fairy cuisine treats, or you can make a picnic yourself in The Bonfire Hut or at many campfire places around the park.

In the Fairy Bathhouse you can rely on an able bath master, enjoy herbal tea with honey.

And much more…


Rejoice in this nature inspired adventure!


Let your family gain one more delightful day!


The Park News!
We accept payments in cash only. Thank you for your understanding! read more >>
Disc golf in Laumas - 365 days a year! read more >>
The summer season starts on April 28th!